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Bach flower remedies

What is it?

Flower essences are delicate extracts that are thought to heal emotional and mind-body health problems. Using flowers for healing has been used by many cultures around the world. Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician, developed a system in the 1930's of using flower essences for specific emotional and spiritual imbalances.

In his book Bach Flower Remedies, Dr. Bach wrote, "Behind all disease lies our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes." He felt that patients might be more likely to have physical problems because of fear, anxiety, insecurity, jealousy, shyness, anger, depression, resentment, or feeling unsure about themselves.

Because of his belief in the emotional cause of physical illness, Dr. Bach developed the Bach Flower system. This system involved treating people for their emotional problems. When they became more emotionally healthy, he found they also became physically well. After much research and testing, Bach found 38 flowering plants and trees in England that caused healing of the underlying emotional problem that affected the physical problem.

Other people have continued Bach's work and have researched the effects of other flowers on healing and wellness. There are now over 200 flower essences.

Flower essences are made according to a specific process that Bach developed. The flowers are picked in the morning and placed into a bowl of spring water. This mixture is put in full sunlight for three hours. The blossoms are then removed with a twig from the same plant. The flower water solution is mixed with equal parts of brandy to make a mother essence, which is diluted (broken down) to make the remedy a person would take. The essence can be taken alone or with other remedies, based on the person's needs.

A flower essence can be taken many ways. It can be taken right from the mother essence bottle, usually 4 drops under the tongue, four times daily. The drops can be mixed with a glass of spring water, stirred, and sipped throughout the day. A dosage bottle can be made by adding 4 drops of flower essence to a one ounce bottle of spring water, with a small amount of brandy to preserve it. Shake the mixture very well and take 4 drops four times daily. You can also spray remedies over your body or place the remedy in a bathtub.


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