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Garcinia cambogia

What is it?

Garcinia cambogia is an herbal medicine that is used for high cholesterol (blood fat) and weight loss.

Other names for Garcinia cambogia include: Malabar Tamarind, Hydroxycitric Acid, and HCA.

Ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist if you need more information about this medicine or if any information in this leaflet concerns you.

Before Using:

Tell your doctor if you

  • are taking medicine or are allergic to any medicine (prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) or dietary supplement)
  • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using this medicine
  • are breast feeding
  • have any other health problems, such as high blood pressure or heart or blood vessel disease


Talk with your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse about how much Garcinia cambogia you should take. The amount depends on the strength of the medicine and the reason you are taking Garcinia cambogia. If you are using this medicine without instructions from your caregiver, follow the directions on the medicine bottle. Do not take more Garcinia cambogia or take it more often than what is written on the directions.

To store this medicine:

Keep all medicine locked up and away from children. Store medicine away from heat and direct light. Do not store your medicine in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other damp places. Heat or moisture may cause the medicine to break down and not work the way it should work. Throw away medicine that is out of date or that you do not need. Never share your medicine with others.


  • Before taking Garcinia cambogia, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding

Side Effects:

Stop taking your medicine right away and talk to your doctor if you have any of the following side effects.

  • Allergic reaction: Itching or hives, swelling in your face or hands, swelling or tingling in your mouth or throat, chest tightness, trouble breathing, or rash.

Other Side Effects:

This medicine may also cause other side effects. Tell your doctor if you have side effects that you think are caused by this medicine.


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